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Website Creation and Development

You stiil have no website?
Or are you not satisfied with the one you have?
We are creative Czech designers who know how to change it.

Creation of Web templates

Do you need a quick project?
The template is already prepared a website.
Through the administration you are able to customize it on your own.

Creation of online e-shops

Do you want to sell over the internet today?
We have a solution for you.
E-shop according to your needs.


Your virtual center.
Simple, flexible, affordable.
Safe home for your web site.

Graphic Design

A sign of a successful company is a corporate identity.
We will prepare you a professional logo and web site design.
Graphic design in any form.

SEO optimization

Search Engine Optimization.
So your website has been in the search engine at the top.
Simply,  so Google finds you better.




web design


Our specialization is creation and design of websites, e-shopes and creative business presentations. We offer creative solutions combined with our skills and experience.


Each of our project is:

1. Modern and graphically sophisticated design.

2. User friendly administration environment.

3. Affordable web hosting.

4. For quick projects we have ready online solutions - website template.

5. Permanent technical assistance.

Our feedback:

Glance at our PORTFOLIO, which is a refernce of  the websites that we have developed and created.



Creative and correct solutions we have in the segment of e-commerce. Selling products through the Internet in the 21st century is simply necessity.


If you are looking for e-shop, we offer a transparent design, easy functionality and Administration Management.


We realize that every web site is an investment that must be returned in some form. Our experiences are 100% guarantee.


Web page no longer sits only on the table


Today it is essentially a necessity to form a web in order to correspond with a monitor or a device of different users..


That is the reason why it is necessary to create a website that takes into account the specifications of tablets, smartphones, netbooks, televisions with browser and etc. And we have not to forget even for rotating mobile devices!!  


With the development of mobile Internet and with the increasing number of users accessing the Internet via mobile devices have started to appear mobile versions of websites. The mobile version allows visitor to work more practically with website.

Disadvantage of mobile website is fact that you have practically immediately two websites on which you need to take care - normal and mobile version.


With the arrival of responsive design this major disadvantage was removed! When responsive design is used you have only one version of a webpage that is adjusting depending on what device you are currently working.



responsive - adaptive design for mobile devices


The solution as not to operate simultaneously two websites is flexible width of a webpage in percentage and relative units (em, ex), adaptive images and layout of elements of the scheme, adapted to different browser size.


What does this mean?


Responsive websites are adapted to any size and aspect ratio of the screen. Responsive design is very flexible and allows customize the objects, fonts and even images to device on which visitor looks at the website - it is a cell phone, laptop, tablet, smartphone or a usual computer.



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